Rent an Apartment in La Barceloneta

La Barceloneta is a fantastic place to call living in Barcelona. The beach is just 2 minutes from the front door and you will find numerous bars, restaurants and cafes nearby.

Looking for sun, sea and central? Get yourself to La Barceloneta.

Golden sands. Deep green sea. Welcome to the Mediterranean. La Barceloneta was once home to fisherfolk and their families. It still has that small-town atmosphere. Life here revolves around the beach. High tide and low. Fair weather and foul. Long walks. Parasols. Sunbathing. But there’s a lot more that that. You’ve excellent restaurants, clubs and cafés each way you turn. You’re a 15-minute walk from iconic La Rambla and the Port of Barcelona.

Barceloneta 1º 1ª

barceloneta primero 1 - 1

Barceloneta 1º 2ª

barceloneta primero 2 - 1

Barceloneta 4º 1ª

barceloneta cuarto 1 - 1

Barceloneta Bajos 1ª

barceloneta bajos 1 - 2

Barceloneta 2º 1ª

barceloneta segundo 2 - 1

Barceloneta 4º 2ª

barceloneta cuarto 2 - 1

Barceloneta Bajos 2ª

barceloneta bajos 2 - 2

Barceloneta 3º 1ª

barceloneta tercero 2 - 1

Barceloneta 5º 1ª

barceloneta quinto 1 - 1

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