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Words of the Editor

Autumn 2016

Three years ago I was looking for the right publication in Barcelona where I could advertise the services of my relocation company. The print market here is fairly saturated, but all the same I didn’t have to think for long. Your City Barcelona, of course, a quality magazine in Russian about life in the city I live in and love very much. And so first I became a fan, and then a little later one of its publishers, part of a team which included not only Russian-speaking journalists, editors and photographers, but also many other interesting, creative people who were either born in Barcelona or moved here one, two, three or ten years ago. When we had the idea of an English-language version of Your City, I knew instantly that this was something we had to do. Barcelona is such a multicultural, multinational city, with so many different languages and voices to be heard, it seemed unfair to limit our readership to just Russian-speaking readers (whom we love, of course, and thank for their loyal support). After all, our beloved city with all its wonderful citizens and guests and our magazine with all its reserves of energy, possibilities and ideas both have plenty to tell and show everyone who has come to live here from Japan and Iceland, the United States and the Arab Emirates, Cuba and Brazil, Columbia and Holland, Great Britain and Estonia. From everywhere where people either speak English from earliest childhood or have learned it as adults. In other words people from practically the whole world! After all, our readers have made the decision to come here to Barcelona, just like we did, which means they’re curious to know what makes this city tick, just like we are. At least, we very much hope so!

Stella Khaykina, publisher, Your City Barcelona